Evolution of power: the rise of the ford gt

Ford’s GT line, particularly the Ford XA, XB, and XC Falcon GT models, represents a significant chapter in the history of Australian muscle cars. These models, produced in the 1970s, were celebrated for their performance, style, and durability. This blog delves into the history and interesting facts about these iconic cars, highlighting their evolution and legacy.

The XA Model: The Beginning of a New Era
The Ford XA Falcon GT, introduced in 1972, marked the beginning of a new era for Ford in Australia. It was the first Falcon to be completely designed and manufactured in Australia, signifying a shift towards a more localised production approach. The Ford XA Falcon GT was available in both sedan and coupe forms, appealing to a wide range of enthusiasts.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Design: The Ford XA Falcon GT featured a more modern, sleek design compared to its predecessors. It had a longer, wider body, giving it a more aggressive stance.
  • Engine: Powered by the 351 Cleveland V8 engine, the Ford XA Falcon GT offered impressive performance, with up to 300 horsepower.
  • Bathurst Success: The Ford XA Falcon GT made its mark in Australian motorsport, particularly at the Bathurst 1000, where it demonstrated its prowess on the racetrack.

The Ford XB Falcon GT Model: Refinement and Popularity
Building on the success of the XA, the Ford XB Falcon GT was introduced in 1973. The Ford XB Falcon GT brought several refinements and became one of the most popular models in the GT lineup. It was produced until 1976 and is often celebrated for its balance of performance and comfort.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Styling Upgrades: The Ford XB Falcon GT featured subtle styling changes, including a new grille, revised tail lights, and optional bonnet scoops, enhancing its muscular appearance.
  • Performance: The Ford XB Falcon GT continued with the 351 Cleveland V8 engine but offered improved handling and ride quality, making it more suitable for everyday driving.
  • Limited Editions: Notably, the Ford XB Falcon GT was available in several limited-edition models, such as the John Goss Special, which commemorated John Goss’s 1974 Bathurst win.

Historical Significance:

    • Mad Max Fame: The Ford XB Falcon GT achieved global fame when it was featured in the iconic movie “Mad Max,” driven by Mel Gibson’s character. The car, known as the “Pursuit Special,” became a symbol of Australian car culture.
    • Collector’s Item: Today, the Ford XB Falcon GT is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, with well-preserved models fetching high prices at auctions.

The Ford XC Falcon GT Model: The Final Chapter
The Ford XC Falcon GT, introduced in 1976, was the final chapter in the first-generation GT lineage. The Ford XC Falcon GT continued to build on the strengths of its predecessors while incorporating new technologies and design elements.

Key Features and Innovations:

Design Evolution: The Ford XC Falcon GT featured a more refined and aerodynamic design, with a revised front end and improved interior comfort.

Engine Options: While the 351 Cleveland V8 remained the primary engine, the Ford XC Falcon GT also offered a range of other engine options to cater to different preferences.

Handling and Safety: The Ford XC Falcon GT introduced radial-tuned suspension, which significantly improved handling and ride quality. It also incorporated advanced safety features for its time.


One of the most famous Ford XC Falcon GT models was the Cobra, a limited-edition version celebrating Ford’s touring car racing success. With its distinctive white and blue paint scheme, the XC Cobra became an instant classic.

The Ford XC Falcon GT marked the end of an era for Ford’s GT line in Australia, as the company shifted focus towards more fuel-efficient and modern vehicles in the late 1970s.

The Legacy of Ford’s GT Models
The Ford XA, XB, and XC Falcon GT models collectively represent a golden age of Australian muscle cars. Each model brought its own innovations and improvements, building a legacy of performance, style, and cultural impact. From their dominance in motorsport to their iconic appearances in popular media, these cars have left an indelible mark on automotive history.

For car enthusiasts, the GT line holds a special place, symbolising both the spirit of innovation and the enduring appeal of classic muscle cars.

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