Discover the Legendary Ford XA Superbird

Discover the Legendary Ford XA Falcon Superbird: A Tribute to Ford Australia’s Iconic XA Falcon GT Hardtop

In the annals of automotive history, one standout moment resonates with enthusiasts and collectors alike: the unveiling of the XA Falcon GT Hardtop-based “Superbird” at the prestigious 1973 Melbourne Motor Show. The resounding public acclaim for this remarkable show car prompted Ford Australia to embark on a limited production journey, bringing the Superbird to eager enthusiasts.

Crafted on the foundation of the XA Falcon 500 Hardtop, the production Superbird boasted a distinctive option package, designated as RPO 77. Under its sleek exterior, this automotive marvel housed an Australian-built 302 cubic inch Cleveland V8 engine, delivering exhilarating performance at every turn. Complementing its powerful heart, the Superbird featured sports suspension for enhanced handling, while the Grand Sport Rally Pack instrumentation elevated the driving experience to new heights. Adding a touch of sophistication, a rear window louvre accentuated the Superbird’s aerodynamic profile, merging style with function seamlessly.

To further captivate enthusiasts, Ford Australia offered three captivating paint schemes, each paired with color-coded wheel centers. Embrace the classic allure of Polar White with Cosmic Blue accent, ignite your passion with Yellow Fire complemented by Walnut Glow accent, or stand out from the crowd with Lime Glaze adorned with Jewel Green accent. Whichever hue speaks to your soul, the Superbird’s striking aesthetics are sure to turn heads wherever the road takes you.

Elevating its presence on the road, large “Superbird” decals proudly adorned the rear quarter panels, ensuring unmistakable recognition. Meanwhile, the iconic “Falcon 500” badging remained a nod to its distinguished lineage, embodying the legacy of Ford’s performance heritage.

Win A Rare Genuine 1973 Ford Falcon XA Superbird

Being one of just 750 in existence, this genuine 1973 Ford XA Falcon Superbird is a rare find. Valued at $250,000, this precious gem is guaranteed to rev your engine.ย 

With its bare metal repaint, this Lime Glaze stunner proves this restoration is no joke. Slide into the interior โ€“ white upholstery and 500 trim on the front bucket seats scream sophistication.

Pop the hood, and you’re met with a reborn 302ci V8, masterfully rebuilt by Barry McLean for that extra asphalt-kicking power. The engine bay? It’s a shrine to preserving the Superbird’s legacy โ€“ a tale of pure dedication and unbridled passion.

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Youโ€™d be mad not to take this shot and claim your piece of muscle car heaven โ€“ this genuine 1973 Ford Falcon XA Superbird is calling your name.


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