Become a Charity Partner

At Classics we are always looking for great charities to partner with and help them to raise much needed funds to support their mission in making the world a better place and being a solution to meet their fundraising goals. If you run or manage a charity and would like to discuss working with us we would be happy to chat.

Become a Promoter

At classics we promote and market our raffles out to the wider community and this can be challenging and sometimes expensive. We have strict marketing budgets for these raffles to ensure that more money ends up with the charity and less on marketing and reaching more people to sell tickets. That’s why we are asking for your help; whether you are a car business or any business wanting to share to your email list, an influencer, a customer of ours who has friends who might want to buy tickets as well, an Instagram page or just someone who wants to help out and share with their friends online to support the cause, we want to pay you to help promote our raffles!

How Does It Work

Simply join
as promoter, its

Get links and
content to share to
your followers/
email list/ friends.

Get the latest
updates on new
raffles and promote
them online

Get paid for
the tickets
you sell!